Ivory is sourced from old piano keys which would have ended up in landfill forever. We recognise the role of the piano industry in decline of elephant populations from the 1700-1970s. Aramaya aims to help future elephant populations recover through support of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ( elephant orphan fostering programme. A proportion of all profits from jewellery sales will go towards fostering elephant orphans at an elephant nursery within Nairobi National Park, Kenya


Ebony is one of the most valuable types of wood in the world. The dark heartwood is prized for its density, texture and waxiness. Many Ebony species are classified as vulnerable, threatened, or are the verge of extinction. We source our ebony from the black piano keys of old pianos destined for landfill. Ebony grows very slowly, taking 70-200 years to reach usuable sizes. The most valuable ebony is the darkest ebony, came from trees that were 150 years plus in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Africa.  It is now a protected species.

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